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Introduction to Submitting Your Success Story

Congratulations on your journey to success with Medifast! Not only is your story important to us, but it's a vital ingredient in helping encourage others to meet their weight loss goal – just like you. Plus, sharing your story might land you in the Medifast spotlight!

Start sharing today. Whether you're just starting out or have reached your goal weight, you can begin sharing your story with us right now - today. Just follow the app and we'll take you step-by-step to write your story.

Complete your story now—or later. Not sure if you're ready to go all in? No worries, get started now, save your progress and return later to finish and submit your story at any time.

Show off your results. Follow this guide to capture and submit your before and after photos.RuthAnn-BA-SS-SamplePic.jpg

  • Take 5 full body-length shots both before AND after you’ve completed the program (no selfies, please!)
    • Just starting Medifast? Take 5 "Before" photos now.
    • If you've not taken a set of 5 "Before" photos, try to find a few photos that meet the Helpful Hints criteria below.
    • After you've achieved your weight loss, take 5 “After” photos.
  • Helpful Hints
    • Make sure the area is well-lit.
    • Choose form-fitting clothing.
    • Choose a simple background.
    • Do an outfit change! Send photos in at least 2 different outfits.

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