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Universal Design of ICT Skills of Irish ICT Professionals

On assignment from the National Disability Authority (NDA) and the Irish Computer Society, Funka, a Swedish consultancy, is conducting a study on the state of Universal Design awareness and proficiency among Irish ICT professionals.

We are particularly interested in learning about

  • What you already know about the Universal Design of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services
  • Your interest in learning more about the Universal Design of ICT products and services
  • How you would like improve your Universal Design of ICT skills
  • Your interest in professional certification in Universal Design for ICT

This survey has been sent to you as a member of the Irish Computer Society (ICS). It includes 21 questions and should only take a few minutes to fill out. The survey is anonymous.

The results will be used in a research report, which will, in turn, support the development and delivery of a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and to inform the development of accreditation for Universal Design of ICT.