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Thank you for participating in Hyperion Research's Global Survey on Cybersecurity Readiness in Legal. 

Until recently, information security was largely cast as the purview of IT professionals responsible for an organization's infrastructure and technology framework. Yet, breaches of information security are not simply an IT issue. Legal professionals may not always understand the machinations of IT, but they do understand content, risk and the sanctity of work product. Those responsible for legal operations are beginning to demonstrate a basic understanding of how information security affects their ability to achieve operational objectives and control for outcomes. 

In light of this growing awareness, Hyperion Research is conducting an industry-wide survey to learn more about how legal organizations handle issues related to the security of content and the level of information security preparedness in the industry. 

In answering these questions, please provide the best answer possible, using approximates where necessary. Please make every effort to complete all responses. To be entered into a raffle to win a CyberSecurity preparedness analysis, you will be asked to provide your contact information on the final page of the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.
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1. Is your organization a law firm or corporate law department? 
2. Please identify your role within your organization: 
3. How many dedicated full-time positions do you have to manage information risk and compliance?
4. Do you have any plans to hire additional full-time information risk and compliance employees in the next 12 months?