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Clackamas County Community Needs Survey

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Your answers will help shape the use of federal grant funds in the county over the next 5 years. These funds can be used for many types of projects, help lower-income neighborhoods and residents, and also improve the whole community.
First help us understand where you live and work.Click "yes" or "no" for each statement.
Space Cell YesNo
I live in Clackamas County
I work in Clackamas County
I work for the Clackamas County government
I work for a city government
I work for a non-profit agency
I work for a housing authority or housing agency
I am an elected official
I work in the private housing industry


Housing (including utilities) is “affordable” when the cost is no more than 30% of household income. Some people don’t earn enough in their jobs to “afford” to live near their work. Single parents, elderly persons, people with disabilities or illnesses may struggle with costs, even risk being homeless.

How good are these ideas to make housing affordable to people with lower incomes?Check the box that fits your answer for each idea.
Space Cell Very goodPretty goodNot so goodVery bad
Encourage private development of apartments
Financial help with utility costs based on need
Home repair/maintenance for low-income owners
Down payment help for first-time homebuyers
Weatherization projects to improve energy efficiency
Support non-profit agencies develop rental housing
Zoning for more density near transit & business centers
Acquire and hold land for affordable housing (land trust)
Housing with case management for people with special needs


Federal grants are used for many types of projects in Clackamas County. In 2011, for example:

  • 59% went for housing
  • 18% for public improvements
  • 7% for public services
  • 16% for planning & administration
Some people are vulnerable to rising costs and falling incomes. Where do you think priorities in housing strategies should focus?The priority level for housing strategies should be: (Check the box for each)
Space Cell Very highA little highA little lowVery low
People with disabilities
Families with children under 18
Victims of domestic violence
People with mental illness
Seniors living on low fixed-incomes
People working for low wages
People who are homeless
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