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Annual CAPIC Program QA Attestation

Overview for Annual CAPIC Program Attestation

CAPIC has updated its Quality Assurance procedures, including its annual attestation requirement, which is given here.

Starting with the 2018-19 year, CAPIC program members must attest to their compliance with a  significantly more articulated list of CAPIC membership criteria, policies and procedures. This attestation (given below) is separate from the additional requirements that (a) programs keep their online profile up-to-date and (b) programs pay their annual membership dues.  More details are provided on CAPIC's Quality Assurance webpage.

This online attestation identifies specific key areas where compliance is important.  It is intentionally detailed, and is meant to help ensure that our programs remain aware of CAPIC membership criteria, policies and procedures, and the importance of following them.  Still, most of these items, especially the membership criteria, should be familiar to you.  I estimate that this attestation should take less than 15 minutes to complete, especially for more experienced CAPIC program members.

This online survey also provides links to references/sources for various areas for your convenience.  Please be sure to right-click on links to open them in a new tab -- and to avoid mistakenly leaving the online attestation.   

A PDF copy of this online attestation will be emailed to you for your own records upon completion and attestation.  This PDF will also include the reference/source links found in the survey itself for your future reference.  

Please also note that completion of this attestation is required prior to: 

-  An internship program being allowed to rank student applicants in the CAPIC online match; or

-  A doctoral academic program's students to be allowed to have her/his CERF verified, which is a requirement for having a completed application package needed to submit to individual internship sites/tracks.

-  Inclusion of your program's brief profile in the end-of-year compilation of Active CAPIC programs for reference by the CA BoP.   This applies for all program types (doctoral, internship and postdoctoral).


Thanks in advance for your assistance to make our Quality Assurance program more efficient, engaging and effective. 

Rolf Jourgensen
Executive Director
California Psychology Internship Council

QA Attestation last updated July 22, 2020
1. For which CAPIC membership year (July - June) are you completing this QA Attestation? *This question is required.
If you represent more than one type of CAPIC program (e.g. Internship and Postdoc), you must complete this survey attestation separately for each CAPIC program type.