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NY DBL/PFL Coverage Quiz

Do you have to provide statutory NY coverage?

Whether you run a small family business with just one or two employees, a Fortune 500 corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees, or if you have a nanny, personal assistant, etc. working in your private home — knowing if you need to provide DBL (NY statutory disability) and NY PFL (Paid Family Leave) can be tricky.

Take our quick and easy quiz that will help you determine if you need to provide these benefits.

Get the answer you need today!

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2. Are you... *This question is required.

Do you have a business location in New York State?

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2. Do you employ at least 1 person for 30+ days per calendar year at that NY location?
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2. Do you have someone working from their home at least 30 days per year in New York? *This question is required.
2. Okay, even if you operate from outside of New York State - do you have at least 1 employee who physically works 30+ days a year in New York State (like a telecommuter)? *This question is required.
2. Is your private home located in New York State? *This question is required.

Do your domestic employee(s) each work 40 or more hours per week?

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You are NOT considered a “Covered Employer”.
This means, it is not mandatory for you to provide DBL and PFL to your employees.

Go here to find out if you can opt in to provide these benefits as voluntary coverage. 

You ARE considered a “Covered Employer” and are required to provide DBL — and now PFL — for all your eligible employees! 

This doesn't mean that all your employees are automatically covered - some occupations and classes of employees are excluded even at "Covered Employers". Go here to learn who's excluded and how to get voluntary coverage.

Okay, looks like this is eligibility tool is not for you. This tool is geared to help employers determine whether they have to provide PFL or not.

If you're a NY-based employee looking to learn about PFL eligibility, check out this useful article with visual guides.