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Inspiring Service Award Nomination

Student Nomination Form

Student Nomination Form

Help us shine a light on the college and/or high school students that you know who are investing their time and talents in serving others. Share their name and email address below and we'll contact your nominee to apply for an Inspiring Service Award. Your nominee will be asked to provide a photo and a few quick details for each service activity this school year (June 1, 2017 - April 15, 2018).

Awards are attainment-based across three levels:
  • Merit Award:  20 hours of service via a minimum of 4 activities
  • Honor Award:  40 hours of service via a minimum of 8 activities
  • Ambassador Award:  100 hours of service via a minimum of 12 activities

You can nominate more students by submitting additional nomination forms. More than 1,100 students across six states have earned recognition so far this school year!
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2. About Your Nominee
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A quick sentence is plenty - your nominee will provide the details for their service activities.
The contact information provided will only be used to invite your nominated student to apply for a service award and is bound by our privacy policy.