Workshop Submissions

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Thank you for your interest in submitting a workshop to IWAC 2018

Workshops will be 3-hour sessions focused on interactive participation and practical application. A maximum of 4 people can lead a workshop. Participants should leave the workshop with clear takeaways (i.e. handouts, lesson plans, strategies, examples, etc.).  Workshops will occur either Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon.

Some examples of appropriate workshops include, but are not limited to, those that:
  • Target high school teachers in English/Language Arts or Writing in the Disciplines
  • Target first-year composition teachers
  • Target writing in specific disciplines or types of disciplines (i.e. STEM)
  • Target non-academic settings such as extension services, libraries, museums, prison arts programs, community literacy, life-long learning programs for seniors, etc.
  • Build connections between levels or locations for literate practices
  • Focus on specific kinds of writing such as multi-modal composing, ePortfolios, capstone projects, undergraduate research, etc.
  • Take up specific issues related to writing and the teaching of writing such as visual literacy, social justice, interdisciplinary connections, global networks, writing centers and academic support centers, accessibility, anti-racist pedagogy, creating meaningful assignments and learning experiences, workplace literacy, faculty development, course design and redesign, etc.
  • Consider needs of specific populations of students such as first-generation college students, transfer students, multi-lingual writers, English language learners, advanced placement students, honors students, graduate students, students with learning differences or disabilities, etc.
  • Consider program development, assessment, or sustainability
  • Create cross-institutional research or teaching projects.
  1. Proposed content is appropriate for a workshop with appropriate use of time
  2. Appropriate to the IWAC conference and its diverse audiences
  3. Clarity of description, including what participants can expect to leave with
  4. Connection to theory, research, or best practices
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