Which animal best describes your health?

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1. I like to stay active and have no trouble getting my 30 minutes of exercise a day *This question is required.
2. I find it hard to get to sleep and struggle to regularly get 7 hours of sleep a night
2. I love sugary foods and tend to crave it regularly
2. I have a well balanced diet and only rarely eat junk food
2. I love my greens and regularly get more than 5 serves of fruit and vegetables a day
2. I tend to be fussy with my food and my diet lacks variety in protein sources, fruits and vegetables
2. I find that I constantly want to sleep in and regularly sleep for more than 9 hours
2. I can be a little on edge and become stressed easily
2. I find it hard to sleep & only get a few hours where I can.
2. I can get a bit grumpy and can let people know it!