Vienna 2017

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Submission Information
1. I would like to participate in this conference ______
5. IJAS and its associated universities do NOT provide any travel grants, registration fee waivers or financial aid.
Are you financially able to pay the registration fee for this conference without IJAS' support?
6. Presentation session types preferred (feel free to check more than one)
7. I am willing to chair a session at the conference about two hours before or after my presentation.
My primary role as chair will be that of a timekeeper.
8. I would like to join the editorial board and be contacted about once a year to act as a reviewer.
9. Which topic best approximates the subject matter of your submission?
10. I am ______
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We will copy your name and address exactly as you type them below, and paste them on your envelope.
NOTE: Should you need a visa to travel, it will be in your own interest to provide a complete address for the airmailed letter.
12. IJAS does not discriminate on the basis of national origin. We ask the following question in order to issue you the proper letter of invitation.
Do you or any of the authors who will be attending with you need to apply for a visa to attend this conference?
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13. List the NAMES of the authors who may require a visa to enter the country for the conference.
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14. My university requires me to do an _______ presentation.
16. In which language would you like to present your research? [You may select more than one language]
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17. When presenting research at a conference, I usually ________.
18. When presenting research at a conference, I prefer to address a ________ audience.