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University of Illinois at Chicago 2018 Alumni Survey

Thank you for your interest in the UIC all-alumni survey. This survey closed on Monday, May 7th. We always love to hear from our alumni, so if you have any thoughts or feedback, please reach us at or 312.413.8272.
Dear Alumni,

We are at an exciting point in our history at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  We need your help to build your new UIC Alumni Association. We are committed to listening to your feedback and taking action based on what you tell us for the path forward. Please take a few moments (the survey should take less than 10 minutes) to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback about your experience at UIC and what your expectations are for the UIC Alumni Association.

Just for taking the survey, you can receive two tickets to any home basketball game in the 2018-2019 season, courtesy of UIC Athletics.  You can also enter to win one of several Amazon gift cards. 

Thank you in advance for your time, participation and help!


Caryn Schultz Korman, Executive Director
UIC Alumni Association 
Remember, if you cannot complete the entire questionnaire, please hit the “submit” button at the end, so that we can still capture your submissions. None of the questions are required. Thank you for your time and your participation.
Section I

To start, please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with UIC.
1. On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest, how connected do you feel to UIC?
(Not connected)
12345678910 (Extremely connected)
2. Which of the following describes your overall current opinion of UIC?
PoorFairGoodExcellentNo opinion
3. How often do you promote UIC to others?
NeverOccasionallyRegularlyAll the timeNo opinion
4. Which of the following best describes your experience as a student?
PoorFairGoodExcellentNo opinion
5. Which of the following best describes your experience as an alumnus/a?
PoorFairGoodExcellentNo opinion
6. How would you rate your decision to attend UIC?
Bad decisionFair decisionGood decisionGreat decisionNo opinion
7. How well did the education you received from UIC prepare you for each of the following?
Space Cell Poor preparationFair preparationGood preparationExcellent preparationNo opinion
a. Your current employment status
b. Obtaining employment following graduation
c. Responding to new career opportunities
d. Furthering formal education (i.e. graduate/professional school)
e. Commitment to lifelong learning
f. Contributing to my community (i.e. volunteering, civic engagement)
8. Please indicate the extent of your loyalty to each of the following:
Space Cell Not loyalSomewhat loyalLoyalVery loyalNo opinion
a. My department, major, or degree program within my college/school
b. My college/school
c. UIC in general
d. University of Illinois
e. A faculty member or instructor
f. A student organization, activity or support group (i.e. LARES, AAAN)
g. UIC Athletics
9. Please indicate how much each of the following impacts your overall opinion of UIC:
Space Cell No impact on my opinionSome impact on my opinionSignificantly impacts my opinionCritically impacts my opinionNo opinion
a. Value & respect for degree
b. Campus aesthetics (i.e. buildings, grounds, etc.)
c. Media visibility (i.e. newspaper, magazine articles, viral videos, etc.)
d. History & traditions
e. Accomplishments of alumni
f. School rankings (i.e. U.S. News & World Report)
g. Accomplishments of faculty
h. Accomplishments of students
i. Success of athletic teams
j. Availability of scholarships
k. A diverse & inclusive environment
l. Student success & experience
m. National & international visibility
n. Chicago & community engagement
Section II

The following questions are about your experience as a student.
10. In which of the following organizations/activities did you participate as a student? (Check all that apply.)
11. How important was each of the following to your experience as a student?
Space Cell Not importantSomewhat importantVery importantCritically importantNo opinion
a. Relationships with other students
b. Academics/classes
c. Relationships with faculty
d. Attending athletic events
e. Relationships with administration and staff
f. Student leadership opportunities
g. Skills/training for career
h. Traditions or values learned on campus
i. Opportunity to interact with alumni
j. Opportunity to engage in community service activities
12. Name one person, program or activity that had a special impact on your experience as a student. Please also provide a brief description of the experience.
Section III
The balance of the questions pertain to your experience as an alumnus/a.
13. How valuable are the following forms of communication to you?
Space Cell Not valuableSomewhat valuableVery valuableCritically valuableNo opinion
a. Email news and updates
b. Communication regarding alumni services and benefits
c. Invitations to campus
d. The alumni magazine
e. Invitations to events
f. Printed materials (i.e. newsletters, magazines, etc.)
g. Facebook
h. LinkedIn
i. Twitter
j. Instagram
k. Snapchat
14. How important are the following elements of our communications to you?
Space Cell Not importantSomewhat importantVery importantCritically importantNo opinion
a. Student stories, news, and achievements
b. Faculty stories, news, and achievements
c. Alumni stories, news, and achievements
d. Research stories, news, and achievements
e. News about my college
f. News about my department
g. Campus life news
h. Athletics news
i. Class notes/alumni updates
j. Alumni organization news and updates
k. UIC events
l. Message from the Chancellor on UIC's mission and priorities
m. Visual content (pictures, artwork, etc.)
15. How likely are you to participate in the following alumni programs and activities?
Space Cell Very unlikely Somewhat unlikelySomewhat likelyVery likelyNo opinion
a. Participating in an online alumni club
b. Attending reunions based on a student organization, activity or support group
c. Recruiting students to UIC from your community
d. Attending a lifelong learning event
e. Mentoring UIC students and/or young alumni
f. Attending an alumni event in your area featuring a University official (i.e. Chancellor, Coach, etc.)
g. Attending a career development event
h. Attending a networking event
i. Attending an athletic event
j. Traveling with other alumni
k. Contributing or helping to raise funds
l. Participating in a community service activity with other alumni
m. Attending a social event at a bar or club
n. Taking courses online
16. How much do the following items impact your participation in alumni activities?
Space Cell No impactSomewhat impactfulVery impactfulCritically impactfulNo opinion
a. Time/other commitments
b. Increase in future solicitations
c. Value (cost as compared to benefit)
d. Type or subject matter of the event
e. I don't know anyone
f. Not interested
g. Geographical distance
h. Unsure of how to get involved
17. How important are the following alumni career services to you?
Space Cell Not importantSomewhat importantVery importantCritically importantNo opinion
a. Access to networking opportunities
b. Ability to submit resumes for jobs
c. Access to listings of available jobs
d. Access to career advisors
e. Access to seminars on current career topics
f. Ability to recruit current students/alumni for employment
g. Ability to mentor current students/alumni about career development
18. Please provide the following demographic information.
What are the most convenient locations for you to attend alumni events and programming? (Check all that apply.)
Thank you for your input. Your time is greatly appreciated.