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UCF College Dorm Move Outs

The University of Central Florida Housing and Residence Life Department is pleased to announce our partnership with Suddath Relocation Systems of Orlando. We are here to help during this difficult time and have partnered with Suddath to offer you a thorough and detailed process to pack and move your personal belongings from your apartment.
As part of this service, Suddath Relocation Systems of Orlando will:
  • Set an appointment with you to conduct a video survey of your room. This allows them to identify your belongings and all items you wish to have moved.
  • Thoroughly pack your belongings into cartons and remove your items from your apartment. Suddath will provide up to 4 cartons per room (Dimensions: 24” X 18” x 12”). Additional cartons may be purchased if necessary.
  • Remove oversized items like mini-fridges, sofas and sports equipment (additional charges apply).
  • Dispose or recycle any items you do not wish to ship or store (additional charges apply).
  • Store or ship your items based on your preference.

See details on service options and pricing below. Check out our FAQ for more details.
Packing & Removal Package $195.00
What is Included:
  • Labor necessary to pack up and remove 4 cardboard cartons (24” x 12” x 18”) from your apartment
  • All packing materials necessary to ensure your items remain safe during transport or storage (bubble wrap, moving blankets, etc)
  • Ship or store items based on your preference. See section below for more information and pricing
  • Additional cartons may be purchased at a rate of $12.00 each.
  • Removal of oversized items is available at a rate of $15.00 per items. Oversized items include, but are not limited to:
    • Mini fridges
    • Furniture
  • Disposal or recycling of any items you wish to leave behind is available for an additional $25.
*Should you elect to have Suddath dispose of ALL of your personal belongings, the removal cost is a flat $100.00.*

Check out our FAQ for more detail.

Storage and Shipping Options
Storage (Most Popular):
Once your belongings have been packed, Suddath will store them at their Orlando warehouse located on 4850 LB McLeod Road, Orlando, FL 32811. Suddath will assign you a unique order number that identifies you and your shipment. This order number tracks your shipment during all times until your personal belongings are delivered back to you. Suddath’s warehouse is a gated and secured facility 24/7. Public access is by appointment only. Your personal belongings will be safe and secure.

Option 1: Storage and self-retrieval of belongings
  • $15.00 per month storage fee for all boxed items
  • $15.00/month/item storage fee for oversized items (only applies if you are storing oversized items)
  • $25 warehouse handling fee
Items will be available for pick up starting in the Fall.

Option 2: Storage and delivery of belongings back to your community
  • $15.00 per month storage fee for all boxed items
  • $15.00/month/item for oversized items (only applies if you are storing oversized items)
  • $150.00 community delivery fee - Suddath will gladly deliver your items to a different community on UCF main campus if your housing assignment changed from the Summer to Fall semester.
All removal and storage charges must be paid in full before the release of the shipment.

  • Shipping charges vary based on weight and the distance that the shipment is traveling.
  • Shipping methods will be Parcel Services for small box shipments, parcel freight services for large box shipments and truck freight for large box shipments that include oversized items.
  • Shipping charges will be quoted per student request and based on the size of the shipment.
  • All removal and storage charges must be paid in full before shipping.

Damage and Loss Liability for All Services
Suddath’s legally limited damage or loss liability is limited to sixty cents ($.60) per pound per item no matter the value of the item.

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Check out our FAQ for more detail.
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