Typical day of an American kid

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Listen and anwser the questions
Vous trouverez ici une conversation typique avec une bande sonore et quelques questions de compréhension. Apprenez le vocabulaire utile. Pratiquer la lecture et l’écoute et tester votre compréhension avec ce quiz. Tout cela vous aidera vraiment à vous préparer pour votre année Au Pair.

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Voici la liste de vocabulaire à apprendre par coeur.

Recess - récréation 
Naptime - sieste 
Snacktime - goûter 
Chunks - des morceaux
Class - le cours
Classroom - la salle de cours
Quiz - un contrôle 
Test - un examen 
Homework - des devoirs
What did he eat for lunch? *This question is required.
What happened to his snack? *This question is required.
How many recesses do they have? *This question is required.
Which of the following is a course he does not have during the day? *This question is required.
When are art classes? *This question is required.
Retranscription Conversation typique avec un enfant américain
  • How was school?
  • It was fine but someone stole my snack  at snacktime.
  • Oh, I’m sorry. Do you have a specific time for a snack?
  • Yes and also for recess, naptime, gym and art class. 
  • Really how do you have time for all of that? 
  • We have two recesses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and we have naptime just after lunch.
  • Oh and what did you eat for lunch?
  • I ate a hotdog and tater tots.
  • What are tater tots?
  • They’re like little chunks of crunchy potato and they’re delicious.
  • Okay and when do you have your art classes?
  • They are mostly in the afternoons along with music classes and gym classes.
  • When are your mathematics and reading classes?
  • They are mostly in the morning and also sometimes in the afternoons.
  • Oh okay and at the end of the day I pick you up.
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