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TSA Work Environment Survey

WMFE is investigating claims of harassment, intimidation, retaliation and other toxic work environment conditions at airports across the country.

We know this is a sensitive and personal issue. So you may or may not choose to leave your contact information. 

However, please know that we cannot follow up or use anonymous information without corroboration.  We will not publish or broadcast any information without your consent.

What happens after you fill out this form?
You may be contacted by one of our staff reporters to further discuss your experiences. 

The next page will be a form to fill out. Thank you as we pursue what we believe is a very important story.  We cannot fully tell the story without TSA workers coming forward.    

We highly recommend you fill out this survey from a private computer.  Do not use a work or public computer to complete this survey as we cannot guarantee confidentiality from public computers.
1. Your contact information.  Please remember that your information is confidential subject to reporter/source privilege.  
How may we contact you?