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Transitional Facility - Internal Audit Submission

1. Transitional Facility Details
Enter your contact email address – confirmation of your audit submission will be directed to this address This question requires a valid email address.
This is the number on your approval certificate on the field "Facility No:".

Please note, you must complete an internal audit submission for each of your approved facilities.

Contact FACILITY APPROVALS (0800 222018 Option 5) if you need assistance.
This question requires a valid number format.
Eg Facility name based on the ATF Code
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
2. Personnel
Space Cell YesNoNA
Deputy TFO training is current
Accredited Person/s (AP) are all MPI approved
3. Records for Verification
Space Cell YesNoN/A
A. Transitional Facility Operator Manual is current and approved by MPI
B. Records are held for pest control programme
C. Records are held for weed control programme
D.Records are held for destruction of biosecurity waste
E. Records are held for any pests, unwanted organisms or other organisms found and any control actions taken (including details of notifying MPI)
F. A log sheet has been completed for each Air or Sea container received and unloaded at the TF
G. Documentation is held for all consignments. i.e. manifests, MPI Inspections BACC etc
H. Records are held for external verification inspections (including date, MPI Verifier or Inspector, non-compliances and any corrective actions requests and completed actions)
I. Records are held for internal audits (including date, auditor, non-compliances and any corrective actions requests and completed actions
J. Latest copy of MPI TF GEN standard and record of internal biosecurity training is available
4. Physical Site Requirements
Space Cell YesNoN/A
A. The Transitional Facility Operator controls access and security at all times
B. Signage restricting access to the TF is located appropriately and with clear and correct wording
C. All uncleared Air and Sea containers are held in a secure manner at all times
D. The devanning area is constructed of either concrete or asphalt and is in good condition (no cracks or gaps)
E. A clearance of not less than 1 metre is maintained between non-AP checked containers
F. A clearance around an entire container of not less than 3 metres from surrounding, vegetation, debris and rubbish is maintained at all times
G. Any open drains within 5 metres of containers have approved drain covers
H. Are the holding/inspection areas located indoors
I. Do the holding/inspection areas have a clearance of not less than 3 metres from cleared and/or domestic goods (or alternatives such as shrink wrapping)
J. Does the holding/inspection area, where approved by MPI, have a Residual Insecticide Programme
K. Does the lighting meet the MPI requirement of a minimum of 600 lux (intensity) for general inspection and 1000 lux for close inspection work
5. Biosecurity Equipment (Container and Inspection Areas must have individual kits)
Space Cell YesNoN/A
Waste Bin(with liner)
Dustpan and Brush
Dual Action Insecticide
Drain Covers (for container area if required)
There is seperate equipment for Inspection area
6. Inspection Equipment (must be approved by MPI)
Space Cell YesNoN/A
General Inspection Bench
Fresh Produce Inspection Bench
Stored Products Inspection Bench
Vehicle Hoist or Ramp (must have current engineer certification)
Seed Trays
Vacuum Cleaner
Steam Cleaner and/or Water Blaster (required for TFs approved for Decontamination)
8. Declaration

As the approved Transitional Facility Operator, in accordance with Sections 39 and 40 of the Biosecurity Act 1993, I declare that to the best of my knowledge the above information is true and correct. I understand that failure to complete any of the above information may result in further action being taken by the Ministry for Primary Industries.
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.