City Comprehensive Plan

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Sulphur Springs has come a long way over the last few years and we all can be proud of what we have accomplished as a community.  Undoubtedly, the city will continue to change over time.  We are at a good point in our development history to reach out to the community and ask you for your help to shape the future development of Sulphur Springs. The direction will be captured in the City Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan is intended to be action-oriented and it will identify the key initiatives and projects that will guide the city’s development according to the community’s values and direction. We wish to work together on the things that we need to preserve, the things that we’d like to change for the better, and also the new things that we like to build. It starts with this survey and then there will be a public workshop to follow (details are provided at the end of the survey).  So, please take a few minutes to share with us your ideas on the future of Sulphur Springs!  Thank You!

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