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SPT-001 Participant Screener

Virtual Reality Study Information

Thanks for your interest in our study!

We are recruiting people to participate in an experience and usability study for a company who specializes in VR hardware and software development. The study will include an interview that involves you using a VR device and sharing your thoughts and opinions. Sessions will last between 2 and 2.5 hours. The study will occur February 25th - March 1st, 2019. 

Qualifying participants will receive a $175 for participating in our lab session in Tempe, AZ. 


Qualifying participants will receive $200 for participating in the in-home session.



1. Are you interested in participating in this research? *This question is required.
2. Have you participated in a research study in the last 6-months? *This question is required.
3. Do you currently own a gaming console? *This question is required.
Which console(s) do you play most often? Select all that apply.  *This question is required.
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How often do you play? *This question is required.
4. Are you available to participate the week of February 25 - March 1st, 2019? *This question is required.
5. If you are selected for participation during the week of February 25th, what are the best days/times for you? Check all that apply. *This question is required.
6. There are two location options for this study: at an office in Tempe or in your home. Please note that for those who participate in sessions in their own homes, a small group of researchers would come inside the home. Which are you willing to participate in? Check all that apply.
7. Which option would you prefer? We will do our best to accommodate preferences, please note that there are limited slots available for in-home sessions. 
For in-home sessions, we are also looking for some adult participants who can be accompanied by a teenage individual who is 13-17 years old (i.e., child, sibling etc). This individual would need to be present and participate for the duration of the 2.5-hour session. They would be equally compensated.  Do you know someone of this age who is willing and able to join you in your in-home session? *This question is required.
8. If selected for this study, do you consent to being recorded on video for the purposes of research? (The footage will only be shared with researchers who are directly involved in this study.) *This question is required.