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Request for Accommodations

Students with needs that require special accommodations may request such accommodations through the Dean's Office.  It is important for the Dean's Office to be aware of needs for accommodations in order to work with seminary staff and faculty.  The Dean's Office will review each request for accommodations and determine the appropriate accommodations given the information provided.
1. Student Information *This question is required.
3. Does the need for which you are requesting accommodation require you to be under the care of a medical professional? *This question is required.
5. Please provide any documentation that supports your need for this accommodation.  If you are seeking accommodations due to a medical reason, a letter from the medical professional whose care you are under is required.  The letter must include the name of the medical professional and credentials, the name, address, and phone number of the practice, a recommendation of the accommodations needed by the student, the medical professional's signature, and the date.
6. I certify the information I have provided on this form is true and I understand that the discovery of any false or misleading information can jeopardize my student status.  I understand that in disclosing the above information I authorize the Dean's Office to work with seminary faculty and personnel to make necessary accommodations.  I understand that it may be necessary for the Dean's Office to disclose the information to seminary faculty and personnel in implementing necessary accommodations.  I will inform the Dean's Office of any changes regarding the information disclosed on this form. *This question is required.
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