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Psychology Pre-Enrolment Test

So you're interested in studying Psychology? Great choice!

At the Open Polytechnic our focus is on helping you to succeed. It’s really important that you are enrolled in the right course for your ability and interest. To ensure we achieve the best match, you will need to complete this pre-enrolment quiz before you can complete your enrolment in psychology. Before you click "Next" at the bottom of this page, make sure you are absolutely ready to proceed, as you only get one attempt (however you can save your progress and return to the quiz).

Equipment you will need

  • a basic calculator (the one on your computer will do the job if you don't have a real 3D one)
  • a quiet place
  • an internet connection that will last at least half an hour to an hour, or more if needed.
Taking the quiz
  1. Find a quiet place on your own where you wont be distracted
  2. Complete the quiz by yourself, without help from others.
  3. Answer as many questions as you can, but don't worry if you can't answer them all - this will not necessarily prevent you enrolling with us; it may affect which course we recommend you start with, providing you meet any other Open Polytechnic entry requirements.
  4. Remember to 'Submit' when you are finished
  5. When you submit your answers, your overall results will appear only once. Due to maintaining the integrity of the quiz, we do not release results for each individual question.
  6. The pass rate for the quiz is 75%. If you achieve below 75%, you can resit the quiz in 1 year's time. Alternatively, you can begin with Tertiary Study Skills, providing you meet the entry requirements

NOTE: If you have to save and exit with the intention of completing it at a later time, you must complete the quiz within 5 days of starting. 

Please NOTE: There are 26 questions, with the first 7 focusing on general programme details, funding options, time commitment and resources required for studying. The remaining questions focus on your reading and numeracy skills. These questions are located on a separate screen and require you to click onto the next page, before submitting your answers.