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PCT Training Registration 6/24-6/25, 2019

Person-Centered Thinking (PCT)® Training
PCT is two days of interactive training for participants to acquire and practice effective skills that they can use to learn how to discover and balance what is “important to” and what is “important for” a person. PCT training is designed for staff at all levels in an organization, as well as individuals who receive support and families.

Participants learn how to use the information to write Person-Centered Descriptions and One-Page Descriptions. Over the course of two interactive days, participants get help with support and skills to change their thinking from a priority of 'fixing' what is wrong with a person to supporting each person’s opportunities to share his or her gifts and live an everyday life.

Twelve (12) specific skills for Person-Centered Thinking are taught across the two days:

  1. Core Concept & Skill: Sorting Important To/Important For
  2. Two-Minute Drill
  3. Relationship Mapping
  4. What’s Working/What’s Not Working Sort
  5. 4+1 Questions
  6. Learning Log
  7. Communication Chart
  8. Donut Sort
  9. Rituals Routines
  10. Good Day/Bad Day
  11. Positive Reputation
  12. Matching
The first day’s focus is on exposure to the concepts; the second day provides experience in applied learning, intended to begin skill development.

More information about Person-Centered Thinking [download PDF]

Host: Minnesota Department of Education
Location: Roseville, MN
(Map and room provided when registration is confirmed)
Date: Monday, June 24 - Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Sign-in starts at 8:30 each day)

Fee: There is no charge for this training.
Meals: Lunch is not provided, but there is a list of local options.

Training Contacts
For Self-Advocates, Families, Caregivers, Direct Support Staff, County/Agency Staff

Mary Piggott 

For Educators
Garrett Petrie 
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PCT certification is required to attend "Person-Centered Planning: Picture of a Life" to become a certified person-centered planning facilitator.