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OPNFF Survey of Fatherhood Programs in Ohio 2016

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Welcome to the Ohio Practitioners' Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF) Survey of Social and Health Services for Fathers

OPNFF is relaunching its survey of social and health services for fathers in the State of Ohio. Our goal is to update and expand our online database of targeted fatherhood programs and family service programs that engage fathers as part of their programming.  Please share the survey with your networks and help us recruit fatherhood resources across Ohio!

This survey consists of 20 short questions and will take you 10-15 minutes to complete.  It will be well worth your time!
  • The vital work you do will be viewable statewide on the OPNFF website ( 
  • You will be able to refer to fatherhood services in your area and across the state.
  • You will have contact information for networking and collaboration.
Results of the survey will allow us to
  • know and share the scope of fatherhood work in Ohio
  • identify service strengths and gaps
  • promote services statewide
  • identify needs for training and evaluation.

Survey results will be posted on our website continuously, as it is submitted. Together, with this technology, we can show that Ohio cares about families!  Contact if you have any questions.

You must click the SUBMIT button at the bottom (after question 20) of the survey to send your information to us.

Section I
The first section of the survey deals with basic information and data about your program. This will help us to create an updated contact list of fatherhood programs in our online database.

3. Please provide contact information so that others may find information about your program or service. If possible please supply the title, name, and address of the contact person.
4. Please estimate the size of your father serving program in terms of the number of paid staff.
5. Please estimate the size of your program in terms of the number of fathers served in the past year.
6. How long has your fatherhood program been operating?
Section II
The location of a program is important when referring customers to an agency. The following questions will give us a great description of the geographic area you serve.

8. Do you serve neighboring counties? If yes, please list in the box below.
9. Where do you provide your services for fathers? (please check all that apply)
Section III
Each agency provides a variety of services to assist their clients. The following questions will help us to better understand what types of programs you offer.

10. What types of services does your program provide? (please check all that apply)
11. Copy of What types of services does your program provide? (please check all that apply)
12. If you specialize in one specific issue fathers face, check the "specialize" box. (please check all that apply)
Space Cell father's/men's healthfathers with histories of violencesubstance abusemental healthincarcerated and reentry dadschild support issuesfathers of children with special needsemployment barriersrelationship issuescustody and parenting time
13. Do you use a specific fatherhood or parenting curriculum? (please check all that apply)
15. Does your programs have a working collaborative relationship with any of these public agencies? (please check all that apply)
Section IV
We would now like to discuss the individuals that you serve with your program. If we know what types of fathers are most often seeking help we will be able to provide better services.

16. What target population does your program serve? (please check all that apply)
17. If you specialize in one specific population, check the "specialize" box. (please check all that apply)
Space Cell Expectant Fathers or Fathers new to parentingAdolescent - Teenage FathersStep, Adoptive or Foster FathersMale Mentors/Kinship FathersUnmarried Nonresidential FathersCohabiting and Married Fathers Divorced FathersSingle Custodial FathersStay at Home DadsLow Income FathersMinority FathersYoung men/boys
Section V
This next section asks questions regarding the funding of your program and the outcomes you track for your participants.

18. Does your agency have sustainable funding for this fatherhood program?
19. What types of funding do you receive to support your program? (please check all that apply)
20. What outcomes does your agency track for individuals participating in your fatherhood program? (check all that apply)
  • * This question is required.
Section VI
In this final section please provide any other information about your program or services not provided above, including what makes your program unique.