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Cal Voices Employment Application

Thanks for your interest in working at Cal Voices!

Cal Voices (formerly "NorCal MHA") is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization dedicated to improving the lives of residents in the diverse communities of California through advocacy, education, research, and culturally relevant peer support services. In all its programs, Cal Voices works with individuals and families with mental health challenges to promote wellness and recovery, prevention, and improved access to services and supports in California's public mental health system.

As a peer-run organization funded primarily through California's Mental Health Services Act, over 90% of our employees and over 50% of our board members have personal lived experience of recovery from a mental health challenge or identify as a close family member, caregiver, or direct supporter of a loved one with a mental health challenge. To learn more about our agency and programs, visit our website at:

The following information will be helpful to you when completing this application:


Call or email the Cal Voices contact person listed at the end of the job announcement. 
You can also email us at!