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Areas of 'No-Go' Conversation

No-Go Conversations Survey

At Common Purpose, we’re passionate about the power of conversation. We think open and frank conversations – particularly across boundaries – are an important part of a healthy, vibrant society.

However, in many ways, we've also noticed that the world is becoming more polarised, and that’s affecting our ability to have truly collaborative discussions. Increasingly, there are conversations we avoid having – something we’re calling ‘no-go conversations’.

Through this research, we're trying to understand some of the barriers that hold us back so we can further unpick these 'no-go' areas of conversation.

Specifically, we’re exploring three areas:
  • ‘No-go conversations’ with people who come from a different world
  • ‘No-go conversations’ with people from inside our own social group
  • ‘No-go conversations’ when there is a significant power dynamic at play

For each question, you will be asked to consider several scenarios. For each question, you just need to choose one scenario you can relate to (or you can give us your own). Think carefully, then let us know how you would or wouldn’t respond in that situation.

Thank you for taking part.

Please note, your answers to the questions in this survey are anonymous.