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NAIT 2018 Alumni Survey

Dear Alumna,

Your input is critical to helping us better understand what you expect from NAIT. What does NAIT mean to you and how can we best serve our alumni?

We are listening and are committed to taking action based on the feedback you provide us. We value your input. Thank you for your participation.


Sandra Marocco
VP External Relations and Chief Development Officer
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Please provide the following information and then hit the "next" button to access your survey. Remember, if you cannot complete the entire questionnaire, please hit the “submit” button at the end, so that we can still capture your results. None of the questions are required. This survey should take about 10 minutes. We recommend taking your survey on a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet. If you take the survey using a mobile device, we recommend turning your mobile devices to the landscape position. Thank you for your time and your participation.
Which of the following have you earned from NAIT? (Check all that apply.)
After convocation, have you taken continuing education or open studies courses at NAIT?
Do you own a business or are you an entrepreneur?
Your current location: