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9 Spokes

Get ready to turn your client's business app data into powerful insights. Our upcoming My Companies feature will allow you to create, view and manage multiple client business dashboards via one account login, from any device. We can save you time by loading your clients into your 9 Spokes account for you, and will compensate you for getting started with us before we go live.

The 9 Spokes dashboard draws data from each of your client's business apps allowing you to track metrics, identify trends, and unlock insights so you can help your clients make business decisions more easily. See your client's business more clearly and expand your service offering with 9 Spokes.

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If you haven’t already signed up, you can Join 9 Spokes here for free today.
It only takes a minute to join and you must have this master account for your business in order for us to create accounts for your clients underneath it. 
We recommend using an administrative email like or when setting up your account. 
This will allow you and your colleagues to use your own email addresses to manage clients specific to you while still having a master list of your clients sitting in one manageable account.

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To get your My Companies account populated, we need a list of client accounts you wish to add to your company account. Click on the Browse button below to upload your client list.

  • We will NOT contact any of your clients. By adding an account to your company, there is no contact or notification made to your client. 
  • Your client will only receive a notification when you add them as a user to the account we will load for them.
  • We only need you to provide us with the name of each of the client accounts that you want loaded.
  • We recommend using the trading name of the client account. This is the company name that will display for you and for the client when you on-board them into their 9 Spokes account.
  • Please load your list of company names in an editable format.  We can take the list in either Word or Excel.
If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our team, we recommend reaching out to Ross 
when you on board them into their account.