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MO:DNA - Demo Survey - MRMLOGIQ (September 2012)

Welcome to the MO:DNA demo survey!

This demo survey holds a selection of the questions which are part of the MO:DNA assessment. The full MO:DNA assessment also holds logic and routing which we have not incorporated into this demo to ease your navigation. For your MO:DNA survey we will place your company logo on top of the page and we will customize the answering options to suit your brands, markets and countries. 

For this survey we have used a company called Evans Electronics. It is a non-existing company and completely founded in our imagination. We have created Evans Electronics with the objective to show you how the MO:DNA assessment works. The company specifics such as the logo, the products (CoolBlueTM) and the markets are visible in this demo survey.

You can answer questions, press all buttons, make selections and even save the survey for later. Take a preview of the questions and see what participants experience!

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