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LPC GV applications - Ongoing

LPC G&V application - Ongoing

Please use this form to submit the G&V application.

Please consult the link below for the proposal structure and budget guidelines:

More information on the G&V programs exists on the following url:

As a reference, a preview of the application in PDF format, with the full list of questions in the online form can be found on the following url:

feel free to review it and prepare your answers in advance so you have them ready before starting your application.

1. Required questions are marked with an asterisk.
2. To fill the form in multiple sittings, please click "Save and continue later" at the bottom of the page. It will ask you for your email and then send a unique link to the email address provided. Use this link to return to the form and continue the application.
3. if a required question is left unanswered, an error occurs upon hitting the "Submit" button or "Save and Continue" later. In either case, the missed question needs to be answered to successfully submit the application.
4. Please note that once "Submit” button is pushed, the form can no longer be modified.
5. Please review the answers before submitting. You can also download it as a pdf prior to submission.
6. Upon submission, a pdf will be emailed to the email address provided.

Recommendation support letters (PDF) and evaluation form (Excel) should be submitted with the recommendation submission form

The evaluation form for students and postdocs, should be downloaded by referees at

Please remember to have at least one reference letter and evaluation form uploaded for students and postdocs applications.

If the applicant was previously a G&V, a letter from the main contact on the previous visit, is required as a supporting document for your application. This letter should describe the outcome of the visit.