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Inner Sunset Curb Management Merchant Survey

Business and Merchant Loading Survey

The Inner Sunset has a vibrant commercial core with a diverse set of restaurants, shops, bars and services. The Inner Sunset is also a transit hub, with the N-Judah and seven bus routes passing through the area. A major streetscape improvement project that has been under construction for several years is wrapping up in Fall 2019, and as it draws to a close, the SFMTA is seeking input on how to allocate curb space. This includes loading zones, general metered parking, short-term parking and more.

The information gathered through this survey will help inform recommendations for parking and loading in the area bounded by Lincoln Way, Judah Street, and 5th and 12th Avenues. The recommendations will focus on improving safety, reducing transit delay and congestion, and supporting business vitality. For questions, please contact Alex Jonlin at Thank you for devoting your time to completing this survey.
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