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Grindstone 6+7 Accelerator | Application

Thank you for your interest in Grindstone. This questionnaire kicks off the application process and helps us to establish if your company is eligible to join the programme. It contains 45 questions and takes on average less than 30 minutes to complete. 

These are the 5 main qualities we are looking for in application companies: 

- A South African registered company.
- Post-revenue with some customer traction.
- A dynamic team of awesome people.
- Innovative business offering with a clear competitive differentiator.
- Scalable business model.
- At least R500k turnover per annum.
- At least five resources working in the business (permanent employees or outsourced / consultants / services).

Grindstone is a year-long entrepreneurial development programme, jointly owned by Knife Capital and Thinkroom Consulting, to assist businesses in accelerating strategy execution, to become more sustainable through market and funding readiness in the process.

For those companies seeking funding, Grindstone also serves as potential deal pipeline generator for Knife Capital/KNF Ventures.

Applications are closed for our Grindstone 6 & 7 programme.
We will be hosting an online Grindstone Lite programme in September and your application will be considered for that programme and forms part of onboarding for Grindstone 8 & 9 for 2021. 

Please ensure to keep in touch with our programme announcements on and

All specific company information provided is kept in confidence and any results will only be communicated in an aggregate format across all applicants.

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