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Events Industry September Survey


Dear Colleague

Following on from our successful April survey, the results of which have been used widely in the media to help show the strength of our industry.  We are once again asking you to tell us about your businesses and what effect Covid-19 has had on your company and your workforce.  We hope to use this information to highlight how our industry is suffering when speaking to the Minister ahead of any budget submissions for 2020.  We also hope to be able to show how strong our industry is and how we hope to regain that strength in the months and years to come.


The EII Board

For any info, please contact :

Paul Davis –
Roisin Callaghan  -
Ronan Healy –

This survey is completely independent and confidential. Individual information will not be passed on by Ireland Thinks and will only be aggregated for the report that will be issued to EII.

EII are pressing the government for financial support for the industry and to re-instate the TWSS. These new questions are designed to inform the ongoing direct impact of CoVid on our industry as it extends into the rest of the year and beyond – with a focus on jobs, government supports and potential opportunities.

For further information please send inquiries to