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Essex caregivers

Carers Count in Essex. Essex County Council.

This e-survey is designed to gather information and opinion from people around the county, who spend time looking after or helping a friend, family member or neighbour who, because of their health and care needs, would find it difficult to cope without this help. It is not for professionals who provide care as part of their job.

In 2015, Essex County Council and the NHS developed the ‘Carers Count in Essex’ strategy to improve the support on offer to caregivers.

This independent research will assess how it's going and help to develop plans that support caregivers of all types across Essex in the way they need it, so they can maintain their own quality of life whilst giving the care and support that’s so vital to the health and social care system. Your expert opinions are vital to us.

Respecting your privacy
We will ask you for your name and phone number so we can contact you if we need to clarify anything, but this is your choice. We confirm that your data will be held securely and erased at the end of the project. All of your comments will be reported anonymously.

This survey closes on Friday 21 December. Many thanks for your contribution.
If you have any queries, please contact Upshot Marketing who are conducting this research on our behalf. Call 01273 704502 or email

1. PART 1: About you (to help us build a picture of the wide range of caregivers in Essex)

What's your gender?
2. How old are you?
3. Which of the following best describes your ethnicity?
4. Where in Essex do you live? (District)
6. Who do you give care / support to? (tick all that apply)
7. In addition to your care giving role, please tell us which of the following also applies to you? (select all that apply)
8. How long have you been looking after or helping the person you give care to?
9. What is the primary condition of the person you look after?
10. How long do you spend each week looking after or helping the person you care for?
11. Have you accessed information and advice to understand more about your caregiving role, and the support available to you?
12. Why have you not accessed information and advice?
12. Have you had a carer's assessment?
13. Did you find the carer's assessment useful?
13. Why have you not had a carer's assessment? 
13. Do you feel you have the right type and quality of local services available to support you?
14. Do you have a plan for the next stage in your role as a caregiver?
15. Did you devise a plan on your own or with help?
15. Research from a leading charity tells us that planning for the future, including crisis planning, is important. How would you want to go about planning?
15. Do you feel that professionals in community services value your expertise as a caregiver?
Space Cell YesNoNot relevant to me
NHS services (specialist community or hospital)
Social services
16. Are you connected to a local support network? (tick all that apply)
17. Do you use technology to assist you in your caregiving role?
18. Which of the following ways do you use technology to assist you in your caregiving role?
18. Which of the below best describes the way you see yourself as a caregiver?
19. Thinking about your needs as an individual instead of the person/people you support, do you have any concerns about the impact of your caregiving? (select all that apply)
20. PART 2: What you need
What is most important to you from the list below?
Space Cell VitalImportantNice to haveNot important
Being identified as a caregiver and offered support
An assessment of my needs as a caregiver
Help or prompts to consider my life balance
The right information when I need it
Training to help with aspects of care I know little about
Advice about equipment/technology that can help me care
Respite care/sitting services
Information about financial support available
Someone knowledgeable to talk to
More flexibility from my employer
Information about my rights as a caregiver
An up-to-date directory of local services
Reliable indicators of the quality of services available
Help planning for the future
Time with my GP to reflect on how I can stay healthy
Support to maintain my mental health
A named professional to co-ordinate across services
Help getting back into work
Local activity groups/social activities for caregivers
Peer support
Better day services for the person I support
22. PART 3: How we're doing in Essex
Do you feel there is better access to information, advice and guidance for caregivers in Essex now than there was 2-3 years ago?
23. Do you feel there is better access to community-based support in Essex now than there was 2-3 years ago? 
24. Do you feel there is more help offered than there was 2-3 years ago?
Space Cell YesNoNot relevant to me
From your GP
From NHS services (specialist community or hospital)
From social services
From college/uni
From your employer
26. May we call you if we have any further questions? We promise not to take up too much of your time.