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Epilepsy Stories

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Welcome to the Epilepsy Stories submission page! 

We'd love to hear your story. Feel free to submit anything that you feel would be a good addition to our website. It can be personal stories about you, stories about others that inspire you, or pictures and links to videos or stories that you want to share. We want to help you be heard. Be creative! Please also feel free to comment on other stories or videos you've seen on the website. 
5. Please submit a photo or graphic below. Please note you must own the copyright to the photo / image and have permission to share it. Please note that by submitting the photo you are granting Epilepsy Ontario the right to post your image on the website: and on You can submit a maximum of 5 images and the maximum file size is 2 megabytes per image. Click on Choose File and select the file to upload. Then click "upload". If you want to delete an uploaded file, click the red "X" next to the image after it has been uploaded. (Supported file types include: png,gif,jpg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt)