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2nd Country Concert 2019 Artist Survey

We are finalizing details on 2 of the most requested superstars, based on our March CC19 survey, for Country Concert '19 and will make huge announcements ASAP! Now, we need your help with the rest of the CC19 line up and want the freshest opinion! Fill out our latest survey and let us know who YOU want to see in Fort Loramie next July! Your votes and opinions count, so, please, submit your choices today, thanks!
2. Did you attend Country Concert '18 *This question is required.
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How was your experience in that area?
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3. In the question below, please tell us who you would like to see at Country Concert 2019 (July 11, 12, 13, 2019) . Please fill out all 15 Choices.  Do not repeat a choice. At the end of the survey click the "SUBMIT" button. Thanks! (One survey per person, duplicates will be disqualified). *This question is required.
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