Conversation with Emergency Services over the Phone

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Listen and anwser the questions
Écoutez et familiarisez vous avec le vocabulaire.

Voici un exemple d'appel téléphonique au service d'urgence. Écoutez et familiarisez vous avec le vocabulaire pour préparer votre voyage.
  • 911 emergency, how can I help you?
  • Hi I think Todd is having an allergic reaction.
  • What is he allergic to?
  • Tomatoes. I accidentally put some in the soup.
  • That’s not good. What are his symptoms? What is he doing now? Is he breathing?
  • He has a rash and he’s coughing a lot. He is still breathing. 
  • Okay I’ll send over an ambulance. Keep an eye on him and they’ll be there soon.
  • Thanks.

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