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CII-CURT Motivational Survey

CII-CURT Motivation Survey

Welcome to the Survey on the Factors Influencing Job Selection in the Construction Industry 
The primary purpose of this survey is to understand what factors might influence a person’s decision to choose a long term career in the construction industry. 
The jobs included in this study are limited ONLY to the construction trades such as boilermaker, carpenter, electrician, heavy equipment operator, instrumentation tech, insulation installer, ironworker, painter, plumber, pipefitter, sheet metal worker, welder, etc. 
Your feedback is highly valuable and can help us better understand the deficiencies and strengths of the construction industry in attracting a new workforce. We realize that your time is valuable and sincerely appreciate your participation in this survey. 
We anticipate this survey to take no more than 10 minutes. Your participation is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. No one except the research team and Workforce Development Committee members will be allowed to see any of the answers to the questions. No personal identifying data will be collected in this study. Only group information will be summarized for any presentation and publication of results. 
This survey was developed by researchers for the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and in collaboration with the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT), CII has allowed it’s used for the continued gathering of input and feedback.

Please proceed with the rest of the survey. 
Section A In this section we will ask you a few questions about your demographic background.
2. Gender
4. First Language
5. Race/Ethnicity
6. Which best describes the area you live in?
8. Did you take any career and technical education classes or courses related to construction (such as industrial arts, drafting or welding) in your high school?
9. Did you take any career and technical education classes or courses related to other industries (such as automotive, aviation, hospitality or health) in your high school?
10. Currently, I am engaged in the construction industry as a(n): 
11. In which industries have you worked? (choose all that apply) 
12. Which of the following best characterizes your fathers’ primary industry (choose all that apply) 
13. Which of the following best characterizes your mothers’ primary industry? (choose all that apply) 
14. How many years of experience do you have in any construction-related jobs? 
17. Do you have any siblings or relatives working in a construction-related job?