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CACME Call for speakers 2019

Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (CACME) Call for Speaking Proposals

CACME Annual Conference:
August 8-9, 2019
Denver, CO 


Proposal Writing Guidelines: 

The following guidelines will help optimize your proposal:
  • The topic: Ensure that your topic and framing are relevant, that the topic is geared toward continuing education professionals and that it provides actionable information for attendees to use in their work. Keep in mind that participants learn not only from successes, but also from lessons gleaned from failed efforts.
  • The outline: The title of the session must reflect the session description, which in turn must accurately reflect the learning objectives. The three items must work together to set up the supporting details.
  • The details: Include enough detail to support your overall learning objectives. Proposals that provide enough supporting detail to help reviewers envision the session’s intent are more compelling.

Best Practices: 
  • Envision your target audience.
    • Continuing education professionals
  • Identify a topic that is timely, relevant, engaging and valuable to the audience.
    • In line with current AMA/ACCME Criterion and Standards. 
  • The topic and the session’s content should help attendees improve the way they work.
  • Provide relevant, actionable conclusions.
  • Provide enough data and/or examples to support the proposal.
  • Think through the ideal delivery approach, given the topic and audience.
Please note that CACME is a nonprofit association and does not pay an honorarium for speaking.