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Be an Outdoor Ambassador: Low-Impact Recreation Skills

Low-Impact Recreation Skills

Thank you for your commitment to using low-impact recreation skills. Venturing into the outdoors is an essential piece of the human experience. We want to keep our wild places as sanctuaries for the human spirit so future generations can experience the sensation of discovering an untouched place. 

This quiz will walk you through four Low-Impact Recreation Skills Videos. Each video is roughly 2-minutes long, and will outline easy-to-implement skills you can use any time you go outside to reduce your impact. After each video, you'll be asked a few questions to help you remember these skills.

If you are a member or guest member of The Mountaineers you will receive our "Low impact Recreation User"  badge on your profile when you successfully complete the quiz. If you don't have an account with The Mountaineers you can join today!

Let's get started!