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Become a Campfire Brew Master

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What is a Brand Ambassador? A brand ambassador is a person who works to promote and represent a brand in its marketplace. Brand ambassadors are often current customers who were already advocating for brands before they started working with them, but some brand ambassadors are chosen because they have a large following or are viewed as influencers. Brand ambassadors have a working relationship with the brands they represent, and are given instruction on how to interact with customers in the marketplace, based on the business goals for that brand.

What is a Brand Ambassador Program? A brand ambassador program is a business program that organizes brand ambassadors and creates an ongoing, working relationship between the brand and its ambassadors. A brand ambassador program is used to manage the ongoing, working relationship between the brand and its ambassadors, and provide ongoing training and instruction for its ambassadors, as well as support. Most brand ambassador programs work closely with other areas of the business, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and product design.

Why become a Campfire Brew Master? You will be given the ultimate Beer Caramelizing package that gives you a whole new experience! You will receive a free Beer Caramelizer, awesome swag, first look at upcoming projects and products, personal discount code, make it onto your Brew Master website page, and will get 10% of the sale. As your sales increase so will your compensation. Also our product is new and unique. Be the person that has a new and unique gift that everyone wants to have.

How does it work: If you are interested in becoming a Brew Master, you will need to fill out the application. If you are approved, we will send you your welcome box with everything you need for a small starting price. We will set up two codes for you to use. One is a personal code that allows you to get a discount when you want to buy additional products. The second code is for your friends and fans to use to get a discount off their purchase and for you to get paid!
Contact Information
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