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BeMobile - Learning from your experience

Dear colleagues,

More than a year ago, Hager Group initiated a task force to promote mobile work. The goal was to define the guidelines and conditions for more flexibility and innovation in our ways of working. "Be Mobile" was born.

The current crisis has created the opportunity for many Hager Group collaborators around the world to discover, test, or push further, their practice of home-office. Most of us had to learn, or at least to adapt, our ways of working, of managing, of socialising… 

Of course, the mobile work we want to promote at Hager Group is different from which we live at this moment.  Nevertheless, there is a lot to take from this experience and we would like to hear YOU, to listen to your feelings and learnings. This will help us shape the future of mobile work @ Hager Group. 

Thank YOU for helping us with your participation.

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete. It is available in English, French and German. We hope that one of these languages will allow you to answer. 

Data protection and anonymity:
- Your participation in this survey is absolutely voluntary and anonymous. We do not track participation. Your decision to participate or not will have no impact on your professional situation.
- We do not ask for any personal data that would allow a personal identification.