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Basic Facilitator Training (BFT 46) Registration

Join Us as a Aspen3 Facilitator!

Thank you for taking the first step in showing interest to join us as a facilitator!

Aspen3 Pte Ltd vision is "To Inspire People to Lead and Grow". Our training focus is on the development of both Self Leadership as well as Team Leadership. We emphasise on Adventure, Character and Leadership, Learning Community and Diversity in our programs. We welcome people with similar passion and interest to join us.

The Basic Facilitator Training (BFT) is a 2 full day foundation workshop for everyone. It provides a solid platform for us to build a common language as well as strengthen our common understanding in the area of facilitation. In this workshop, many opportunities are offered to you to facilitate others as well as yourself. A wide range of facilitation techniques such as OB+, Prop-Based Debrief, Metaphoric Debrief as well as Movement Debrief are covered. In addition, you will be participating in various activities to explore and elevate your personal effectiveness.

Join us if you are passionate about facilitation, open to being facilitated, excited about learning and look forward to work with us towards the company vision.

Training Dates: 1 & 2 Jun 2019

Please fill in your particulars below. The information you provide will support us in knowing more about you and we can connect with you to share more about the BFT and company! THANK YOU!