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Approaching Great Ideas (Jacobus)

Approaching Great Ideas, by Lee Jacobus

New from Bedford/St. Martin's

Approaching Great Ideas:
Critical Readings for College Writers 
Lee Jacobus 
 paper text (brief), 496 pp 

From the author of A World of Ideas, one of the best-selling composition readers of all time, comes a new, brief, and highly accessible "great ideas" reader, Approaching Great Ideas.

This slim volume makes great ideas accessible for students by: 1)  Introducing works by classical giants including Aristotle, Plato, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Darwin, and 2)  Presenting  brief readings on the same themes from today's big thinkers, including Cornel West, Elizabeth Warren, bell hooks, and Fareed Zakaria. Two chapters on critical reading and writing give students tools they need to connect and respond.         

"Lee Jacobus, like a wise friend, leads students and teachers through centuries of the best that has been thought and said."  
--Justin Williamson, Pearl River Community College                
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