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Apply for The Line's DYC

Apply to join The Line's DYC

Thanks for your interest in The Line's Digital Youth Committee (DYC)!

The DYC is an online group of 12-20 year olds from all around Australia, who give feedback and input to The Line team on pretty much everything we do - website, campaigns, articles, videos and more. 

If you're selected to join the DYC you'll be added to the Facebook group. The Line team will post things asking for feedback and you'll give us your thoughts. Simple! You're also encouraged to share interesting and funny things you come across with us and the DYC gang. 

To apply to join the DYC please: 

  1. Read the DYC Member duties and overview, just below this (it's a bit of a read but it's all relevant, we promise).
  2. Answer the questions in this form. 
  3. Hit submit at the end!

We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds and life experiences to apply to join the DYC.  

We're sure you all have lots to offer but we have a limited number of places. We aim to appoint people to the DYC based on how they meet the key selection criteria plus do our best to ensure the DYC has a range of life experiences represented. 

If you have any questions, please email  

Digital Youth Committee Member duties and overview  

Title: Digital Youth Committee Member  

Who can apply? Everyone in Australia aged between 12 and 20 years (12 to 14 year olds will require written permission from their parent or guardian) 

Role type: Voluntary committee member (this role is unpaid) 

The Line campaign 

The Line is Australia’s national campaign working to help people aged 12-20 years have healthy and respectful sex, dating and relationships. The Line is run by an organisation called Our Watch

We help people know what's ok and what's not when it comes to sex, dating and relationships and to respect ‘the line’. Crossing ‘the line’ is doing or saying anything that makes someone feel scared, intimidated or controlled.

On our website we provide information that helps define where the line is, what is and isn’t good behaviour, and what a healthy relationship looks like. Our Facebook and Instagram are safe and funny places to talk about all things related to sex, dating and relationships. No question is too awkward! 

What you’ll be doing 

Our Digital Youth Committee Members: 

  • review and suggest content for The Line websiteFacebook and Instagram (e.g. articles, quizzes, scripts, memes, social media posts etc.) 
  • advise on issues and themes for our website, Facebook and Instagram  
  • provide feedback on campaign ideas and collateral (e.g. posters, videos, adverts etc.) 
We’ll ask you to provide us with feedback via our private Facebook group or feedback form on things like: 
  • your overall impression  
  • whether it ‘reads/views well’ and if the language is relevant 
  • what messages you’re taking away from the content 
  • if you would share it with your friends  
  • how we could make each piece of content more interesting or shareable 
  • what formats you think would work best, e.g. video, infographics, comics or memes.  

Why we need you 

You’re the expert - we want our content to speak to you! The feedback and advice of our Digital Youth Committee helps us make sure the information we’re sharing and discussing is useful, easy to understand and that you, your friends and peers would actually want to read and talk about.  


  • You must have a Facebook account and regular internet access 
  • You do not need to travel or meet in-person 


  • DYC members commit approximately two hours per month, spread across the month 
  • DYC members commit to a 12-month term 
  • You need to be available to give feedback within tight deadlines 

Selection criteria 

Our ideal Digital Youth Committee member is laid out below.  

If you don’t meet all the below criteria but meet most of it, still apply and let us make the decisions. We’ll ask you for more info if we need it. That said, you really must be aged between 12 and 20.  


  • Aged between 12 and 20 years (if you are 20 when you apply but will turn 21 during the 12 month position, that’s allowed)  

  • Have a Facebook account and regular internet access 

  • Interested in talking about sex, dating and relationships  

  • The ability to respond quickly to meet tight deadlines  

  • Keen to give feedback, be honest and explain your opinions 

  • Available approx. 2 hours per month, spread across the month 

  • Commitment to being on the Digital Youth Committee for 12 months (or more)  

Added bonuses 

  • A love of the internet including social media 

  • Experience on a youth advisory committee or similar role 

  • Experience being a volunteer 

If you ever feel distressed or want to talk about something that has happened in your life, call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732). 

2. Tell us how we can get in touch: *This question is required.
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3. Do you have Facebook? You need Facebook to participate in the DYC. *This question is required.
4. Do you have regular internet access? DYC members need internet to check the Facebook group regularly. *This question is required.
5. Are you available for around 2 hours each month and able to respond to us quickly (e.g. within a day or two)? The 2 hours will be spread throughout the month. *This question is required.
7. Do you speak any languages other than English at home?
8. Please indicate your gender:
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