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Adams County Housing Survey- Adults Ages 60 and Over


Greetings!  We are conducting a housing survey of adults age 60 and over in Adams County to learn about their current and future housing needs and preferences.  We also want to determine what assistance older adults might need in order to either remain safely in their current living situations or to move to another housing option which would better suit their needs.

If you are age 60 or older and an Adams County resident, we would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey. Please note: this is a survey for information gathering purposes and is not an application for assistance. 

The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and your responses will be confidential.  Please complete this survey by October 15, 2019.

Please feel free to share the survey with other individuals in Adams County over the age of 60 who may be interested.

This survey is sponsored by a committee of state and local stakeholders, including representatives of the Adams County Office for Aging, @Home in Adams County, and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA).