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2014 Excellence in Youth Development Award Nomination Form

Excellence in Youth Development Award

Description of the Excellence in Youth Development Award:
This annual award recognizes excellence in projects that focus on youth recognition using a youth development model. The award is being implemented as a result of the successful 2003 National Youth Development through Recreation Services Symposium held in Calgary. The award includes a cash recognition of $2,000 to support future development of the winning project.

Selection Criteria:
The principles of youth development (youth ages 12 to 18) and recreation are the basis of the criteria, and must reflect the following requirements: the project's focus must be youth recreation; the project could be a partnership or involve a collaboration of organizations and agencies involved with youth; one member of the partnership must be an ARPA member; and youth, themselves, must be directly involved in the planning/decision making of the project.

Main components of the application:
  • Profile of the program/project
  • Description of how the principles of youth development were incorporated into the program/project
  • List of the organizations that collaborated on the program/project
  • Description of how the youth were empowered to be involved with the project
  • Testimonial from a youth participant of the program/project (max 250 words)
  • 2 letters of reference supporting the nomination