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2018 Editorial Survey

1. How do you rate the job Chemical Processing does in providing you with useful and relevant information?
2. Approximately how much time do you spend reading each issue of Chemical Processing?
3. How many people, other than yourself, usually read or glance through your copy of Chemical Processing?
4. How do you prefer to get the following types of information?
Space Cell PrintOnlineBothDoesn't Matter
Advice from experts
Design criteria
Economic data
Equipment selection pointers
Industry news
International developments
New product details
Operating tips
Professional and career advice
Regulatory issues
Troubleshooting guidance
Technology trends
5. How valuable do you find the following sections of Chemical Processing (with 1 being very valuable and 5 not at all valuable)?
Space Cell 1 - Very Valuable23 - Valuable45 - Not At all Valuable
From the Editor column column
Solid Advice column
Field Notes column
In Process department
Compliance Advisor column
Energy Saver column
Cover stories
Design and Optimization articles
Maintenance and Operations articles
Solids and Fluids Handling articles
Instrumentation and Control articles
Making it Work (case history) articles
Process Puzzler department
Plant InSites column
Equipment and Services department
End Point column
6. What types of information are of most interest to you when you read Chemical Processing? (Please check all that apply.)
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11. How do you rate the overall quality of the content of Chemical Processing?
12. How has the value you get from Chemical Processing changed in the last three years?
13. How frequently do you visit
14. For what reason do you usually visit
15. How familiar are you with the following web-exclusive content on
Space Cell Very familiarSomewhat familiarNot at all familiar
Ask the Experts Forum
Chemical Reaction blog
Comical Processing cartoon
Industry news
Latest Products section
Monthly poll
16. How valuable do you find the following sections of (with 1 being very valuable and 5 not at all valuable)? 
Space Cell 1 - Very Valuable23 - Somewhat Valuable45 - Not at all Valuable
Top Stories
Supplier Source Guide
Comical Processing Cartoon
Ask the Experts Forum
Industry News
Most Recent Content
Most Popular Content
Editor's Take
Chemical Reaction blog
Latest Products
17. How do you rate the overall quality of
19. How important to you are each of the following resources for finding ideas and information to help you do your job better (with 1 being very important and 5 not at all important)? (Please check all that apply.)
Space Cell 1 - Very Important23 - Important45 - Not Important At All
Business publications
Industry experts
Online discussion groups
Sales representatives
Technical conferences
Trade magazines
Trade shows
Vendor events
Vendor literature
White papers
21. Thank you for participating in our survey.  If you would like to enter our drawing to win one of six $50 gift cards of your choice (Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe's or AMEX), please provide the information below.