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Startupbootcamp Event Application

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FoodTech Rome
2. Key Contact Info
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3. Basic Information
4. Team *This question is required.
For example: John Smith, CEO, studied math at UCLA and a developer for 10 years
5. Company Background *This question is required.
Quick description of what your company does.
When/Where did the idea originated and how do the founders know each other? (2-3 sentences)
6. Product
What product are you building and what pain/problem is it solving? 
150-200 characters or 1-2 sentences
7. Status *This question is required.
Where is your company now including key achievements, building a team, and raising funding
8. Startupbootcamp Questions
Have you completed a full F6S application to this program? *This question is required.
To apply for the program please remember you need to complete a full application form on F6S after your FastTrack or Office Hours session