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The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council Awards 2020

Nomination Form

We’re excited to launch The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council Awards, our 8th annual awards program!
Please use the nomination form below to share your inspirational TBM story and make your submission. We are using this one form for all nominees to collect all information in a consistent manner. 
Finalists will be chosen for each of our award categories, which you can find at
The shortlist will be announced in July and winners will be announced during the TBM Conference in November. 
1. Enter your contact information below: *This question is required.
3. Who relies on the information that your TBM office/program provides?
4. On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective has TBM been in driving outcomes and making informed business decisions?
Not effective at all
Moderately effective
Highly effective
5. What were your organizations' top goals/initiatives to adopt TBM? (Please select all that apply.)
6. Now please rate the level of progress against those goals/initiatives, that the adoption of TBM has resulted in?
Space Cell Significant progress/improvementModerate progress/improvementLittle progress/improvementNot applicable
Better financial transparency
Increase cost efficiency of run-the-business spending
Increase ROI of change-the-business spending
Understand and control cloud costs and usage
Improve conversations and decisions with your business partners
Accelerate or improve adoption of agile methodologies (e.g., Scaled Agile Framework, Large Scale Scrum, etc.)
Accelerate the move towards a service-oriented model (IT service management)
Improve compliance with regulatory requirements
7. Key performance indicators help organizations or departments succeed and measure ROI. Similarly, how have you measured the benefits of TBM on your organization?
8. Please share the quantified outcomes your organization has derived from TBM. 
While it is not mandatory to state all outcomes, answer as many as possible and as applicable to your TBM adoption. 

Please refer to the follow blog post for further details and advice about these metrics:
10. What was your confidence level - in your IT spend, cost, consumption, performance data - before  TBM adoption?
11. What was your confidence level - in your IT spend, cost, consumption, performance data - after  TBM adoption?
14. Do you authorize the TBM Council to contact you for the creation of a testimonial of your TBM journey? *This question is required.