Exotiq Thailand Best of the Best Awards 2017

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Exotiq Thailand Best of the Best Awards 2017

For the past few years, Exotiq Thailand has been showcasing the best that Thailand has to offer. Now it is your turn to recognise excellence by voting for your favourite hotels, restaurants, spas and airlines.

Voting is easy, simply tick the destinations below where you wish to cast your votes, and then click the red Next button. Select as many destinations as you can; the more you complete the greater your chance of winning one of our great prizes.

After clicking the Next button, a series of questions relating to your chosen destinations will appear, one after another. There are between one and ten questions in each destination. You must complete all questions in each of your chosen destination before you can move to the next set of destination questions and the vote-registering page at the end.

Once you have answered your final destination question we ask you to complete the sentence: “Thailand is one of the most exotic places on earth because…..”

We’ll reward the best answer with an amazing 14-day Grand Tour of Thailand holiday, staying in the most luxurious hotels in the Kingdom. The 20 runners-up will receive other amazing hotel and spa prizes.



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