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2016 Alt+Shift Summer Institute


Rethink Possibilities
2016 Alt+Shift Summer Institute
Call for Proposals

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein
Alt+Shift believes every student can read and write, every student can communicate, and every student can do math. 

We recognize that solutions for every student come from every discipline. Rethink Possibilities seeks proposals from special and general educators that explore ways that every educator and service provider can be part of the solution.
Share your ideas that became solutions this summer at Rethink Possibilities, the 2016 Alt+Shift Summer Institute, in Traverse City, MI, June 20-23.
Call for Proposals Due: FEBRUARY 19, 2016
  • AM: Present an 18-minute TED-style talk that tells the story of your idea that is getting every student to read and write, communicate, or do math.
  • PM: Continue the learning at a deeper level. Facilitate a 75-minute breakout session that provides the opportunity to engage in deeper dialogue about your idea, how to replicate it in other settings, and how the idea improved student outcomes.
  • Submit a proposal for a 1- or 2-day intensive training that helps others put your idea into practice by exploring frameworks, specific strategies, and tools while providing an opportunity to prototype, practice, and obtain feedback to maximize instructional impact in greater depth.
Who should submit proposals?
Educators and school professionals (e.g. teachers, consultants, coaches, parents, administrators, SLPs, OTs, PTs, school psychologists, social workers, etc.) who had an idea and used it to improve outcomes for students through (but not limited to):
  • Content-area instruction
  • Coaching
  • Assessments and accommodations
  • Personalizing student learning
  • Using data to improve teaching and learning
  • Engaging all students
  • Implementing and sustaining new initiatives
  • Supporting students with low-incidence disabilities
  • Supporting students with complex communication needs
Lead presenters receive lodging and complimentary registration for the 4-day institute and up to two (2) co-presenters receive free registration. 
Questions?  Contact Jim Stachowiak at or 517-252-4394
1. Presenter Information (If your proposal is selected, Alt+Shift will cover the registration for the primary presenter and up to two co-presenters)
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