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Community Survey

Vance Properties Project

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The Vance Property is one of the largest undeveloped areas in East County with opportunities to serve the community in many ways.  Some part of the site will be used for future County facility needs, but the County also wants to provide additional benefits that are important to the community.  These benefits could be community space, parks and open space, housing, businesses, safer streets for walking and biking, and more.  We want to hear your ideas about what these benefits could look like on the site!

Complete this short survey to let us know how you envision the future of this 90-acre site!  Your feedback will help shape potential designs for the site, and there will be more opportunities to share your feedback as the project progresses. 

The site is located in Gresham between 182nd and 190th to the east and west and Stark and Division to the north and south.  The site is owned and operated by Multnomah County, and several Multnomah County buildings and Vance Park are located on the site.  About half of the site was a quarry area many decades ago and is currently vacant.
At the end of the survey, enter into the optional raffle to win a $25 gift card. Your information will exclusively be used for the purposes of the raffle and for no other purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Irene Kim (Project Manager) at, 503.459.7023 or Anna Gordon (Engagement Lead) at, 541.513.9292.
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